admin March 16, 2016

Primary studies of a project to carry water from the Caspian Sea to central Iran are concluded, Hamid Chitchian, Iran’s energy minister said.

The project will be implemented after coordination with the Environment Protection Organization, Chitchian said, Tasnim news agency reported March 13.

Earlier Iranian Parliament’s Research Center announced that transferring Caspian Sea water to Iran’s central parts will be loss-making.

The project will lead to environmental damages and will decrease the number of industrial units in the region, according to the research center.

Meanwhile Chitchian believes that Iran has no choice but transferring water to the country’s central regions.

He further said that the water transfer projects will be realized after extensive studies to prevent any problem.

According to the plan, some 200 million cubic meters of water is projected to be transferred per year to the central parts of the country for drinking and industrial purposes.

In October 2012, the Iranian energy ministry received the permission to transfer water from the Caspian Sea to central parts of the country.

Chitchian also said that private sector is carrying out a project for transferring water from Persian Gulf and Oman Sea to inland.

Early in January it was announced that the first phase of the project is underway and funded by a private investor.

The first phase starts from Bandar Abbas and will carry 20 million cubic meters of water.

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