admin April 9, 2016

Iran is negotiating with various airplane manufacturers to develop its aviation sector, Ali Abedzadeh, head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization said.

Airplane manufacturers from Japan, Brazil, Canada, as well as the US Boeing has proposed appropriate offers to Tehran on developing Iran’s aviation industry, Abedzadeh said, Tasnim news agency reported April 9.

He further said that Boeing has expressed readiness to hold talks with Iran, adding the US government has permitted the company to negotiate with Iran and more serious talks are expected.

On April 8, Iran’s flag-carrier airline Iran Air announced that a top-level delegation from global aviation giant Boeing will arrive in the country within the next days to discuss potential areas of cooperation with Iranian companies.

Abedzadeh said that Boeing has already cooperated with some Iranian airlines, providing equipment related to flight safety after Tehran and the world powers reached a deal on the country’s nuclear program last year.

Boeing’s license to begin commercial discussions with Iranian airlines, marked a step towards catching up with European rival Airbus, which earlier agreed to sell 118 planes to Iran.

Speaking about the Iran-Airbus deal, Abedzadeh said that Tehran will receive nine new aircraft in 2016 and seven more in 2017.

It is estimated that Iranian airlines currently have a total of 150 aircraft, which are up to 20 years old. Back in April 2015, Abedzadeh said the country needs to buy up to 500 passenger planes in the next 10 years to renovate its ageing fleet.

Source: Trend