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Iran: Telegram must store Iranian users’ data inside country

Mobile social networks applications should move their servers which process the data from Iranian users to Iran if they seek to continue their operation in the country.

The decision was made by Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace in its latest session last night, Mehr news agency reported May 29.

Based on the council’s approval the applications will have one year to transfer the servers into the country.

The popular messaging app Telegram also has to move its servers to somewhere inside Iran within one year, if it is willing to continue its operation in the country.

The Islamic Republic has frequently requested from Telegram to move its servers into Iran.

Telegram, a messaging and content sharing app, has become popular in recent months among Iranians, who use it to communicate with each other and also share materials like pornography and political satire.

Many of Iran’s state-run news agencies have also embraced the platform, using it to advertise their stories.

Currently, at least 22 million Iranians use Telegram, according to the country’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace.

According to Mehr news agency some 80.5 percent of Telegram users are Iranians. Almost 12 percent of Iran’s internet bandwidth usage belongs to Telegram.

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