Iranian government guarantees foreign investments

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran guarantees foreign investments in the country and intends to protect investments despite existing problems, Vice President for Executive Affairs Mohammad Shariatmadari said.

“The government intends to implement laws that attract investment and to remove hurdles that exist on the way of Iranian investors living abroad,” he told at a gathering of Azeri Iranians who had traveled to Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province from around the world, IRNA news agency reported May 30.

He elaborated by saying that a new set of investigations are underway by the government to swiftly recognize and remove obstacles against foreign investment.

Regarding banking issues, he said the problems are being gradually resolved, facilitating the affairs of foreigners who are willing to conduct business relations with Iranian partners.

Sanctions against Iran were lifted in January. However, many banking problems exist.

In particular, the transfer of the dollar is restricted for Iranians and their partners under a set of US sanctions known as the primary sanctions.

Source: Trend