Iranian saboteurs in Karabakh?

For the past two days, a number of pro-government websites and TV channels in Azerbaijan have been showing photos and video footage claiming that Iran has sent its saboteurs to Karabakh to support Armenian separatists.


The same sources publish the names of 14 Iranians, who, on November 24, travelled from Armenia to Karabakh through the Lachin corridor. “They were illegally let through by Russian peacekeepers to conduct terrorist and sabotage exercises and are now in Khankandi,” these media reports say.


Note that Azerbaijan’s official structures do not give any comments. It’s clear the published information is intelligence and the leaks can only come from the relevant authorities.


In this case, not only is the hostile policy of Tehran being exposed, but also the provocative behaviour of Russian peacekeepers.


Against the background of these reports, there are increasing calls to establish border control at the entrance to the Lachin corridor. Such demands are made not only by experts, but by members of Azerbaijan’s Milli Mejlis as well.


Source: Turan News Agency