Iran’s primary energy consumption increases by 2.5% – BP

Iran’s primary energy consumption increased by 2.5 percent to 267.2 million tons oil equivalent (mtoe) in 2015 year-to-year, said BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, published June 9.
Iran’s figure in 2014 was 260.8 mtoe.
The report says Iran consumed 88.9 million tons of oil as well as 172.1 mtoe of natural gas and 1.2 mtoe of coal in 2015.
Iran also consumed 0.8 mtoe of nuclear electricity energy as well as 4.1 mtoe of hydroelectricity.
The country’s renewable energy production also stood unchanged at 0.1 mtoe, the report said.
In total, Iran’s hydroelectricity and gas consumption increased by 0.7 mtoe and 10 mtoe respectively, while nuclear power and oil consumption decreased by 0.2 mtoe and 4.2 mote in 2015 year-to-year.

Source: Trend