Italian Mondo Democratico newspaper highlights Armenian armed forces’ murdering Azerbaijani civilans

Italy-based Mondo Democratico online newspaper has published an article highlighting the Armenian armed forces shelling of the Alkhanli village of Fuzuli district, Azerbaijan, on July 4 using mortars and heavy grenade launchers, which resulted in the killing of two civilians, including a woman and a two-year old toddler.

In the article, Italian MPs from the Democratic Party Cristina Bargero and Khalid Chaouki express their solidarity with the victims of the tragedy and urge the Armenian armed forces to withdraw from the Azerbaijani lands which they occupied in 1992-1994.

“The clashes which occurred in 1992 resulted in the Armenian occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and other seven adjacent regions,” the article says.

“Although 25 years have passed since the events, more than one million Azerbaijanis still live as refugees and IDPs. Apart from the victims on the line of contact, the other terrible thing is that the international community lacks the ability to resolve this conflict.”

“Next year Italy will chair the OSCE. Italy enjoys a positive image as it built strong economic and cultural ties with both countries. Italy should play an important role in promoting the resumption of negotiations in order to extinguish the flame of conflict and instability in the center of Eurasia, ” the article says.

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