Kazakh prosecutor’s office: coup attempted in country

Destabilization of social and political situation and a coup was planned in Kazakhstan under the guise of land-related peaceful protests, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan said in a statement May 27.

Certain people tried to ignore the law on rallies and provoke people into participating in illegal actions, the prosecutor’s statement said.

According to the statement, the goal was to destabilize social and political situation, to incite ethnic hatred and to seize power in the country.

The demonstrators knew the rallies could lead to pogroms, violence and marauding that could claim human lives, according to the statement.

“Libya, Syria, Egypt and a number of post-Soviet countries may serve good examples of consequences of such events,” said the statement.

According to the statement, mass disorders were planned and various provocations were held in a number of cities of Kazakhstan. The statement further said three was information about the coordinated actions of the instigators.

According to the statement, the mentioned events were happening amid the moratorium declared by the president of Kazakhstan, and the beginning of the work of the commission and the public councils in all districts of the country in which all those willing to put forward suggestions on the land legislation are involved.

The Kazakh Prosecutor General’s Office said that the law enforcement bodies are investigating a number of criminal cases on organizing illegal rallies and provocations in the country.

Source: Trend