Kazakh trade companies’ revenues increase

Revenues of Kazakhstan’s trade companies from main activity increased up to 2.8 trillion Kazakh tenges ($1=338 tenges) in Q1 2016, as compared to 2.1 trillion tenges in the same period of 2015, Finprom.kz analytical service said July 14.

Tenge’s devaluation gave a certain support to this process.

Revenues of Kazakhstan’s small enterprises from main activity increased by 824 billion tenges in Q1 2016 compared to the same period of 2015, while the revenues of medium and large enterprises decreased by 87 billion tenges.

Total revenues of large, medium and small trade enterprises of Kazakhstan, including secondary revenues, amounted to 3.1 trillion tenges in January-March 2016, which is by 39 percent more than this sector’s revenues in the Q1 2015.

Kazakh trade companies expenditures increased by 39 percent – to three trillion tenges in January-March 2016.

In particular, expenditures of small trade enterprises have increased sharply. The expenditures increased from 813 billion to 1.7 trillion tenges during the year.

Source: Trend