Kuwait’s KUNA agency highlights Azerbaijan’s Yanardag – flaming mountain

The Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) has posted photos highlighting “Yanardag” State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve – flaming mountain, one of most famous and popular tourist destinations in Azerbaijan.


The article, headlined “Yanardag…never-extinguished fire in Azerbaijan”, said that this site attracted the attention of the famous Italian traveler and writer Marco Polo 800 years ago, and due to this place Azerbaijan became known as the “Land of Fires”.


The author emphasized that “Yanardag” State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve was established in this area, and this mystical place attracts foreign tourists. He noted that according to the ancient sources and books the flourishing of Zoroastrianism was observed in these places where many tribes lived long before our era.


The author of the article also recommended Kuwaiti tourists traveling to Azerbaijan to visit the “Yanardag” State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency