Leading Danish politician calls for ban on Muslim asylum seekers

Danish People’s Party deputy leader has said a ban should be implemented for up to six years, sparking outrage across the political spectrum, according to Deutsche Welle.

Denmark has already introduced laws believed to constrain immigrant rights.

A leading member of Denmark’s second-largest party, the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, called on Thursday for the country to deny entry to Muslim asylum seekers.

Speaking to the Berlingske newspaper, the party’s deputy leader Soeren Espersen said that Muslim migrants should be barred from entering Denmark for up to six years. Denmark needs “a respite after recent terrorist attacks in Europe,” he said.

However, the leader of the Danish People’s Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, along with partners in the ruling Liberal party, questioned the proposal. They said that their respective parties do want to discriminate against migrants based on religion.

Espersen insisted that his proposal did not contravene the party line. “It is a recognition of the terrorism threat emanating from the Muslim community,” he told news agency Ritzau. “It is certainly not the same as saying that all Muslims are terrorists.”

Another senior member from the Danish People’s Party confirmed on Denmark’s TV2 television channel that the group’s stance was indeed to introduce a ban on Muslim asylum seekers.