Legendary Koroglu opera staged in Baku

Azerbaijan’s State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre staged the play “Koroglu” by famous composer and playwright Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Trend Life reports.

The role of Koroglu was performed by honored artist Farid Aliyev, while honored artist Jahangir Gurbanov performed in the role of Hassan khan.

The cast also included people’s artist of Azerbaijan Ali Askerov (Ibrahim Khan), honored artists Ilaha Efendiyeva (Nigar), Akram Poladov (Ali), Sabir Aliyev (Ala), as well as soloists Aliahmed Ibragimov (Nadir), Tural Agasiyev ( the Black Vizier) and many others.

The concertmaster of the opera was Nargiz Agayeva, while the chief choirmaster was honored worker of arts Sevil Hajiyeva.

The wonderful performance of the actors and splendid music excited the audience.

Koroglu is Azerbaijan’s heroic eposes that tell about life of people, their struggle for justice and freedom.

The storyline is based on a national epos about poor, abused villagers who rise up to defeat their unjust, oppressive khans and beys (landowners) in the 16-17th centuries.

The fight of two opposing forces – the people and feudal forms of governance – forms the dramatic basis of the opera. The drama shows the mounting fight of the people for the liberation from the oppressors and enemies of the motherland. Based on his story, Hajibeyov created the opera in five acts, that has become a truly nation’s patrimony.

The opera was premiered on April 30, 1937 at the opera and ballet theater. It was conducted by the composer himself with remarkable Bulbul and Gulyara Iskenderova in leading roles. Since the first night, the opera has always gathered a large audience.

Source: Azer News