February 16, 2021

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population (MLSPP) for the first time announced the size of the median wage in Azerbaijan, according to which, in 2020, it was 343 manats. The median wage is the level of earnings above and below which the same number of workers (50% above, 50% below) of the economy who sign the payroll receive. In other words, the median salary of nearly 800,000 employees is 343 manats or less. Considering that the average salary in Azerbaijan is slightly higher than 700 manats, then the median salary is 48% of the average salary. Economist-expert Rovshan Agayev notes that according to the statistics of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the difference between the median and average wages in developed countries and in some countries of Eastern Europe ranges from 10-25%. In Azerbaijan, the difference between these two indicators is more than twofold. In this regard, the expert cites Russia as an example, which is close in a number of aspects to the economy of Azerbaijan. In the Russian Federation, the median salary is 71% of the average salary. “As a rule, in countries where the


Source: Turan News Agency

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