admin May 1, 2021

In order to reduce the risk of infection, passengers will be informed about preventive sanitary measures (hand hygiene, physical distance (hereinafter – distance), respiratory hygiene, and other preventive measures, as well as common surfaces on the aircraft will regularly be cleaned and disinfected, it has been reflected in the change of the Cabinet of Ministers on temporary rules of organization of flights and passenger transportation by air transport, APA reports.

Carriage of hand luggage is not allowed on all flights of airlines. In exceptional cases, it was possible to carry only personal items (laptops, briefcases, women’s bags, etc.) determined by the rules of the airlines.

According to the amendment, the list of personal items allowed to be carried as hand luggage has been expanded. The list includes a photo/video camera no larger than 30x35x10 cm, a portable computer bag (bags should be used only for its intended purpose), outerwear, a coat or cloak, a suit in a portpled (should be used only for its intended purpose), a bouquet, baby food during a flight with children and children’s road cradles, umbrellas, newspapers, magazines and other materials to read during the flight were included.

The laptop is not included in the new list. The transportation of pets is also allowed in accordance with the relevant rules governing the transportation of pets.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency