London hosts presentation of HarHazeitim Committee Vice-President of HeydarAliyev Foundation LeylaAliyeva attends the event

The House of Commons of the British Parliament has hosted a presentation ceremony of the International Committee for the Preservation of HarHazeitim (ICPHH) historical cemetery and venue.

Vice-President of the HeydarAliyev Foundation LeylaAliyeva attended the event.

The participants in the event included Azerbaijani Ambassador to the UK TahirTaghizade, MP Matthew Offord, First Deputy Mayor of the city of Jerusalem Rabbi Yosef Deutsch, member of the Yugoslavian royal family, wife of the heir to the throne Princess Katherine, leaders of the Jewish community, representatives of non-governmental organizations and organizations in the field of religious tolerance.

Azerbaijan’s achievements in the field of religious tolerance, particularly attention to the Jewish community in the country were hailed.

Ambassador Taghizade highlighted the history of cultural diversity and harmonious coexistence of different religious and ethnic communities in Azerbaijan. “Jewish community has lived in peace and tranquility in Azerbaijan for centuries,” he said.

The diplomat underlined Vice-President of the HeydarAliyev Foundation LeylaAliyeva’s participation in the ceremony, hailing the Foundation’s projects implemented both in Azerbaijan and abroad. The Ambassador also highlighted the HeydarAliyev Foundations projects in the fields of multiculturalism, protection of cultural heritage and religious tolerance.