Web Desk March 13, 2021

Well-known Western political scientist, Douglas and Sarah Ellison, director of the Center for Foreign Policy Luke Coffey wrote an analytical article for Saudi Arabia’s Arabnews newspaper on transnational energy projects initiated and led by Azerbaijan.

The article titled “Policies behind the North Stream-2 project” highlights the important role of the Southern Gas Corridor, the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline and the “Three Seas” initiative in ensuring Europe’s energy security.

The author stressed that the 3,500-kilometer-long Southern Gas Corridor, which passes through seven countries, is the most successful energy project ever implemented. The natural gas transported through this corridor at the end of last year is of geopolitical importance. The Trans-Caspian gas pipeline, which will transport “blue fuel” from Central Asia to Europe, is very important in terms of diversification of energy sources, and the European Union must play a leading role in this project.

“This pipeline, which does not pass through Russia and Iran, is the most profitable route to transport gas from the Caspian Sea to Europe,” he said.

Koffi wrote that the transatlantic community should encourage Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan in the near future to build an interconnector to connect the two largest gas fields in the Caspian Sea.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

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