Majority of migrants come to Europe from Syria, Iraq, says Hungary’s former PM

Today, the majority of migrants come to Europe from Syria and Iraq, Hungary’s former prime minister Peter Medgyessy said March 11.

He made the remarks during the discussion on ‘Radicalisation and migration as a global security challenge: how to progress to committed joint action’ held as part of the 4th Global Baku Forum.

Medgyessy noted that the “Arab Spring” upset the balance in the region.

The former prime minister believes that it is possible to stop migration by ending wars, but it is not the final solution to the problem.

The number of migrants is increasing, therefore, these issues should be resolved on the ground, said Medgyessy.

Moldova’s former president Petru Lucinschi, for his part, said that migrants mostly come from around 50 countries with severe living conditions.

It will be impossible to stop this process without taking measures, he said, adding that it is necessary to determine the countries of origin of migrants.

Lucinschi noted that international structures should be engaged in this process, since no country can cope with it by its own.

The UN was created to ensure the security of nations, said the former president. That time, all five members of the UN Security Council were partners, while now, each of them has its own position, he added.

Source: Trend