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In the 44-day Patriotic War, one of our heroic sons, a graduate of the Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU), Nurlan Rahim oglu Akhmadli, became a martyr showing an example of courage.

Nurlan Akhmedli was born on October 12, 1996 in the village of Khachmaz, Oguz region. As the first child in the family, he was quick, fearless, kind and patriotic. In 2005, having entered the secondary school No. 1 named after M. F. Akhundov, Nurlan drew everyone’s attention with his hard work and achieved special success in this. In addition to studying at school, Nurlan also practised sports (karate) to stay physically healthy and strong. He worked hard on to fully shape himself as a personality.

In 2014, Nurlan left school and entered the Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU) to study on the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Communications (currently Radio Engineering and Telecommunications). In 2018, he graduated from the university and received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, telecommunications and radio engineering. After graduating from higher education, he served in the military unit ” N ” in Hadjigabul. During the service, the soldier was distinguished among his comrades by both valor and discipline.  For these qualities, including high achievements in combat and socio-political training, he was awarded a certificate of honour. In addition, he also pleased his family members by receiving a letter of thanks from the leadership of the military unit in which he served.

80 days after the end of military service – on the eve of the Patriotic War – he was sent back to military service. Thus, since September 27, Nurlan Ahmadli, as one of the fighters of the proud Azerbaijani army, had been participating in the battles in the Gazakh, Agstafa and Fizuli directions. He showed a great heroic example in the liberation of the Fizuli district from  occupation and calling his mother on this occasion exclaimed with special enthusiasm: ” We liberated Uncle Fizuli! ”

Nurlan, fighting side to side with his military friends, became a martyr in one of the battles for the liberation of every inch of our occupied land. The incident occurred as a result of the explosion of an enemy shell on the night of October 25-26. It was as if the father’s sensitive heart had anticipated the occasion and was worried that his son might not be able to contact them. Nurlan Ahmadli’s father, Rahim, went to the battlefield around one o’clock in the morning and received the news that his son had become a martyr.

Our martyr, who heroically participated in the battles for 34 days from the moment he was sent to the front, was ready to give his life for the Motherland at any time.

Our hero-martyr Nurlan Akhmedli was buried on October 27, 2020 in the Alley of Martyrs in the village of Khachmaz, Oguz district.

One of comradesof our martyr, who fought with Nurlan shoulder to shoulder, tells his mother that she can be proud of her son. He could easily control  himself during the shooting, was very fearless, brave, honest, a true man of justice. He showed special dexterity as well as was one of the most courageous soldiers who was not afraid of anything. And another of his comrades-in-arms adds with sadness: “There was a very heavy shelling, as if it were raining down with bullets. It was a very dangerous moment. I insisted Nurlan that he lay down, but he rushed forward in anger, saying: “No, we have wounded comrades, they had come under shelling.” Nurlan became a marty while trying to save his comrades.

Under President Ilham Aliyev’s order, Nurlan Akhmadli was posthumously awarded the medals “For the Motherland”, ” For the liberation of Fizuli” and “For military distinctions”.

We honour Nurlan Akhmedli’s memory and are proud of him.

May Allah have mercy on all our martyrs!

We bow our heads before our martyrs’s souls!

Long live the Motherland!


Source: Azerbaijan Technical University

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