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Yet another graduate of the Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU), Elchin Yunus oglu Baghirov, became a martyr in the Patriotic War. Elchin was born on June 17, 1994 in a simple family of workers. He was an only child. He had all the typical traits of a child’s behavior: he could be naughty, but at the same time he could behave calmly.

His mother, Valida Bagirova, says that Elchin was obedient since childhood, and most importantly, could easily start communicating with strangers.

The guitar was his favorite musical instrument, and he loved classical Western music. He had a good heart and was quick to forgive. He always thought about his family, worked and studied since his student years. His biggest dream was to work in a bank, he even passed the first stage of the exams, – his mother Valida added.

His father Yunus Bagirov recalls: “Elchin was not a bully, he had a boundless interest in the animal world, he loved to be photographed with them. Like all children, he had a boundless interest in cycling. From an early age, his attention was drawn to war games, when he was at school, he asked many questions about the tragedies that befell our people, on the part of the Armenians. He graduated from secondary school No. 219 the majority of pupils show great interest in history. Elchin was also very interested in history. He did his military service in Nakhchivan. His comrades-in-arms later would tell me that during the exercises Elchin asked us not to destroy nests of birds’ nor anthills. He had a great respect for our religion, he read the “Koran” in English. This is how Allah (God) prescribed his face. At a young age, he took my son away as a martyr.”

Elchin was summoned to a meeting a few days before the war. During the 44 days of the war, the mortar division in which he served showed great heroism and defended hundreds of our soldiers from enemy fire in the battles up to Fizuli, Jabrail, and Qubadli.

He did not forget to call home even in the most difficult days of the war. On October 21, he called home for the last time and said, “It’s all right, we’re going from Jabrayil to Zangilan, don’t worry! A few days later he became a martyr.”

He was posthumously awarded the medals “For the Motherland” and “For the liberation of Khojavand”.


Source: Azerbaijan Technical University

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