Mastercards now available in Iran

Iran’s ICT Minister Mahmoud Vaezi has announced that MasterCard’s international credit cards are now available inside the country, according to Mehr news.

Speaking during a ceremony to inaugurate infrastructure projects of Iran Post, Vaezi said “in time with the lifting of sanctions and following Iran’s international trade development, grounds are now prepared for organizations like Iran Post, Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI), Information Technology Organization of Iran (ITC) and the Infrastructure Company to launch international cooperation as we have now managed to resolve their needs for international credit cards.

“Accordingly, the Vison Card project, as the representative of MasterCard in Iran, has inked a contract with Iran Post Company to meet the needs of people for travelling abroad, purchasing foreign articles as well as participating in international conferences through credit cards,” he added.

He said Mastercards will be distributed among certain branches of the Iran Post Company. “The credit cards can be charged with a maximum of 10,000 dollars and their banking operations will be carried out under the laws of the Central Bank of Iran.”