admin April 21, 2021

The possibility of introducing a strict quarantine, Russia’s bans on flights to Turkey, a decrease in the need for AI-92 gasoline, the progress of vaccination are the topics of today’s media.

The website is discussing the situation with the coronavirus pandemic with the infectious disease specialist Laman Galimova. If the incidence continues to grow in Azerbaijan, quarantine rules may be tightened. According to the doctor, the solution is to vaccinate and limit communication with strangers.

The website “Mü” writes about the ban on tourist trips to Turkey. Russia explains this by the rapid growth of coronavirus infected in Turkey.

According to economist-expert Natig Jafarli, the visit of the President of Ukraine to Turkey, as well as Turkey’s accession to the “Crimean Platform”, is behind Russia’s decision.

The site “” writes about the decrease in demand for gasoline of the “AI-92” brand due to its poor quality. Currently, the import of AI-95 gasoline into the country is growing. In January-February, 11,934 tons of this type of gasoline were imported in the amount of $ 7.1 million, which is 78% more than the same period last year. According to the author, the production of AI-92 gasoline decreased by 28% – to 247.4 thousand tons.

Over the past 5 years, the import of “Premium gasoline” has increased by more than 2 times, which is associated with a drop in the quality of gasoline “AI-92”.

The site “” discusses the vaccination process in the country with the deputy Musa Guliyev. He argues that vaccination must be done voluntarily and knowingly, improperly stimulating or rewarding vaccination. It is also necessary to carry out educational work. The faster the vaccination process takes place, the greater the possibility of getting out of quarantine, Guliyev said.

Source: Turan News Agency