admin April 22, 2021

How to prevent Russian peacekeepers from holding a parade in Khojaly, how expedient it is to wear masks in summer, what place Azerbaijan should take in Russian-Ukrainian relations – these and other topics are at the center of today’s media.

The website discusses the intention of the Russian peacekeepers to hold a military parade in Khankendi with the deputy Elman Mammadov, as well as possible options for how to prevent this. The deputy notes that the parade is to be held at the Khojaly airport. The Azerbaijani society perceives this message with discontent. As you know, in 1992, Armenians committed genocide of civilians in Khojaly, and the 366th motorized rifle regiment of the former Soviet army took part in these crimes. The MP believes that the parade is not part of the peacekeeping mission, it is already arbitrariness, disrespect for the laws of Azerbaijan.

The website discusses the issue of wearing masks in summer. Recently, more and more people do not wear masks on the street, considering it unnecessary in the open air. At the same time, representatives of T?BIB (Joint Administration of Territorial Medical Units) consider wearing masks on the streets compulsory. How will this be possible in the summer when it gets hot?

The website “” quotes the opinion of the deputy Vahid Ahmedov regarding the “Iskander-M” missiles. He believes that the Azerbaijani side should insist on an official and honest answer from Russia and Armenia on this issue. Everyone knows that these missiles are not for sale. As for the allegations that the remains of “Iskander”! brought from Syria, it is simply a desire to avoid a response, as well as damage the Azerbaijani-Turkish relations. The deputy also touches upon the intention of the Russian peacekeepers to hold a military parade in Khankendi, calling it a message to the Azerbaijani authorities in support of Ukraine. Ahmedov believes that Azerbaijan should be close to Turkey and Ukraine.

The website “Mü” writes about a criminal network in Azerbaijan that sells places in hospitals for patients with coronavirus and medicines. This network consists of doctors and nurses. The article even gives prices, so the cost of one bed-place is 4 thousand manats. Some emergency doctors are also involved in this network.

Source: Turan News Agency