admin April 30, 2021

The website discusses the upcoming visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Baku, scheduled for May 10-11.

Political analysts believe that Lavrov’s visits never bode well for Azerbaijan. Even during his visit in April 2016, he promised a “settlement plan” for the Karabakh conflict, which, however, remained a plan. Now Lavrov is promising new proposals to both sides.

This may be a desire to get ahead of Erdogan, who intends to visit Shusha after Ramadan. Baku and Ankara have started preparations for this trip.

By the way, Lavrov’s visit to Baku will take place on May 10, the day after the parade of peacekeepers in Khankendi.

The site “Yeniavaz. com” discusses the possible introduction of strict quarantine on the days of Ramadan. However, the deputy chairman of the parliamentary health committee, Rashad Mahmudov, believes that the epidemiological situation in the country is such that there is no need to introduce strict quarantine. The number of infected is decreasing, and there is a positive trend.

The site “” discusses the issue of the withdrawal of the Armenian military from Karabakh. The reason for the activation of this topic was the footage in social networks, where military trucks leave Khankendi in the direction of Armenia along the Lachin corridor. However, there was no official announcement on this topic.

The website “Mü” discusses the situation after the use of the expression “Armenian genocide” by the US President. The Kremlin clearly does not want to surrender the initiative to Washington and intends to decide for itself who will be in power in Armenia.

Armenia itself is in a stalemate, it must make a choice in favor of Azerbaijan and Turkey, but traditional ideological priorities do not allow doing this.

As for Biden, he expects a reciprocal curtsey from Yerevan and confirmation of a pro-Western policy. However, unlike Russia, America has no leverage over Armenia. This means that in the near future Armenia will remain in the wake of Russian politics.

Source: Turan News Agency