February 17, 2021

The Azpolitika.info website discusses with the deputy Ali Masimli the latest arrests of large state officials, from whom large sums of money are being confiscated. The relevance of the topic, according to the author, lies in the fact that huge funds are needed to restore the territories liberated from occupation, and in this case, one recalls the damage caused to the state by the bureaucratic oligarchy.


This in itself indicates the need to change the philosophy of the management system. If reforms are not carried out, then only through some arrests corruption can only be reduced, but not eliminated completely. In any case, the reality suggests that the fight against corruption, monopolies and bureaucratic arbitrariness has become a requirement, a priority of the time.


The website Metbuat.az is discussing with the political scientist Muhammad Asadullazadeh the excess of Russian peacekeepers of their powers. In his opinion, “for three months they are engaged in other activities that go beyond the mandate. They do not have an international mandate and they act not as peacekeepers, but as a military unit consisting of professional fighters, the political scientist believes. According to him, they conduct military exercises every 10 days. If they are peacekeepers, what are their field exercises with the use of small arms, including large-caliber mortars, designed for? It turns out that their mission is different. In this situation, tomorrow the Russians can deploy tanks, missile systems and other heavy weapons in Karabakh. This must be stopped, the political scientist believes, and the activities of the peacekeepers must be regulated by legal norms.


The website Qafqazinfo.az commented on the median salary with the expert Rovshan Agayev. According to this information, the median salary in the country is 343 manats. That is, almost 900 thousand employees receive such a salary. According to the expert, if we take into account that now the average monthly salary is slightly above 700 manats, it turns out that the median salary is 48% of the average salary.


Source: Turan News Agency

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