February 3, 2021

Growing dissatisfaction with the actions of peacekeepers, reasons for the President’s dissatisfaction with a number of officials, the likelihood of a new mutated coronavirus coming to Azerbaijan, rising prices, and the possibility of violating the ceasefire are topics of today’s media.


The website Müsavat.com writes that the actions of the Russian peacekeepers, which go beyond the mandate, cause irritation and concern of the Azerbaijani public. For example, at the end of last week, Russian peacekeepers did not allow trucks on their way from Sugovushan to Kelbajar. Moreover, they put forward rather strange requirements – the vehicles must have Russian numbers, and the flag of Azerbaijan must be removed.


Representatives of the Azerbaijani public regarded this as exceeding the powers granted by the mandate and making decisions solely. Political analysts believe the peacekeepers must leave Azerbaijan either ahead of schedule, or in 4 and a half years, otherwise they will create a danger for the country.


The peacekeepers are trying to prevent Azerbaijanis from returning to Agdere, Khankendi and Khojavend. According to political scientists, Russia pursues only its geopolitical goals here, not trying to establish peace between the two communities. For this reason, the presence of Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh is both harmful and dangerous.


The Yenisabah.az website is discussing the AzTV interview with President Ilham Aliyev with the deputy Vahid Ahmedov, In the interview the President criticized high-ranking officials. Moreover, he called specific names.


The deputy believes these and other officials should draw certain conclusions and end bribery.


The website Bizimyolinfo.az quotes the statements of the WHO representative in Azerbaijan, Hande Harmanchi, about the new mutated coronavirus, which will definitely come to Azerbaijan.


The website Mətbuat.az writes about rising prices after the decision of the Tariff Council to increase the cost of water and sewage services. Experts believe that if Azerbaijan wants to equalize prices with European ones, let them increase salaries, raising them to the European level. Experts believe the decision of the Tariff Council is unreasonable. The pandemic and the war have already complicated the population’s situation, and the Tariff Council’s decision absolutely does not take into account the population’s income.


The website Moderator.az is discussing the situation on the Gazakh border with the former Foreign Minister Tofig Zulfugarov. He does not rule out that the violation of the ceasefire regime by the Armenian side on February 2 was organized by Russia. It is quite possible, Zulfugarov believes, that the border with Armenia in the Gazakh-Tovuz direction will be transferred under Russian control. That is, Russian border guards will be stationed there. He recalls that seven villages of Azerbaijan in this direction have not been returned yet. It seems that some forces in Armenia are resisting this. For this reason, a ceasefire violation was organized.


Source: Turan News Agency


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