Web Desk March 13, 2021

The website “Yenisabah.az” discusses with expert Kamran Asadov the situation with higher education in Azerbaijan. The author writes that in the report of the Cabinet of Ministers to Parliament for 2020, there is an increase in the admission plan for bachelor’s programs in higher educational institutions for 2020-2021 by 2.3 percent. The admission plan for the state order, compared to last year, increased by 7.1 percent and amounted to 21.9 thousand places.


In 2010, only 29 thousand planned places were allocated to higher educational institutions. In that year, 110 thousand people applied for admission to universities. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan today is at one of the lowest in terms of the number of people with higher education. So, only 17 percent of our citizens have higher education.


182 thousand students study at 51 universities. Considering that the number of citizens of the country has exceeded 10 million people, 182 thousand active students make up a very small percentage.


The website “Müsavat.com” discusses with the expert Ramil Osmanov the issue of unregistered housing, that is, houses that do not have appropriate documents. The expert believes that if such houses are registered, prices on the housing market may jump. In the capital and in the regions, more than 250 thousand private houses have undergone an inventory, and this process continues. Today, more than half a million buildings are actually illegal, which means that transactions on them, including sales and purchases, are not registered.


The website “Redaktor.az” discusses with the deputy Azer Badamov the situation with the increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus in recent days. This can lead to a stricter quarantine regime.


The deputy believes that citizens are largely to blame themselves, they must strictly abide by the established rules so as not to complicate the situation, since the tightening of quarantine rules is an additional burden for both people, and the state.


Source: Turan News Agency

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