Web Desk March 16, 2021

The website Moderator.az discusses the issue of combating corruption with the deputy Vahid Ahmedov. The deputy says that personnel reforms are underway in the country – young people come, oligarchs leave.


He is against the arrest of the latter, on the contrary, everyone should be entrusted with taking part in the restoration work on the liberated territory.


At the same time, an independent judiciary is needed to effectively combat corruption.


The website Redaktor.az discusses with the deputy Fazil Mustafa the reasons for the increase in prices in the markets. To a greater extent, the rise in price concerns imports.


If buyers prefer Belarusian or Russian milk, then the problem is with us. The MP also notes that the development of agriculture is going wrong. Products that meet modern technological requirements should be put on the market. Otherwise, citizens will be forced to buy imports, which leads to higher prices.


The website Sfera.az discusses with experts the need to reduce the tax burden on small entrepreneurs. The Turkish government is preparing to exempt small entrepreneurs from income tax. There are currently 850 thousand micro and small entrepreneurs in this country. The country’s government considers it necessary to exempt them from tax in order to reduce the financial burden. The same is possible in Azerbaijan.


However, experts clarify that in Turkey they do not completely exempt from all taxes, but only from one. It would be advisable to introduce such a thing in Azerbaijan. In particular, to eliminate income tax, but leave VAT. In China, this practice is used, which has led to good results.


Source: Turan News Agency

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