Web Desk March 29, 2021

The political games of Armenians with the Russian language in Karabakh, the demolition of the Arab camp in Ajinohur, and the reasons for not providing Azerbaijan with the coronavirus vaccine are the topics of today’s media.


The website Yenisabah.az writes that from March 26, the operational-consolidated group of Russian peacekeepers, consisting of Russian and Armenian internal security officers of the “Artsakh Republic”, will carry out joint service on the basis of Lysogorsk of the Karabakh State Emergency Situations Service.


This anti-Azerbaijani decision of the peacekeepers, which followed the incident with the stones, shows that all the scripts in Khankendi are actually written “in Russian” and are presented to the Armenian side for staging.


The website Bizimyol-info.az writes about the demolition of the Arab camp in the Ajinohur reserve of the Gakh region. As you know, the Arabs hunted in the reserve, despite the end of the hunting season, and they also hunted rare birds listed in the Red Book. This event became central to social networks. The article says that the Arabs paid the Ministry of Ecology unofficially $ 2,500 for the hunt, and $ 500 for each falcon.


The website Müsavat.com writes about a double standard in the supply of vaccine against coronavirus to certain countries.


The UN promised to provide vaccines to all countries, but the promise was not kept. Rich states buy vaccines, but poor states cannot.


The website Azpolitika.info writes that the Russian language has been declared the second official language in the territory of Karabakh controlled by the Russian peacekeepers.


Lawyer Fuad Agayev believes that the absence of such a political structure as “NKR” nullifies all decisions made by the so-called parliament. The parliament of Azerbaijan must pass a law on the management of territories that were under occupation. These territories should be managed on the basis of Azerbaijani legislation.


Source: Turan News Agency

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