admin May 1, 2021

The website is discussing with the political scientist M. Asadullazadeh the upcoming visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the region. The visit is aimed at activating processes in connection with Karabakh, as well as negotiations on Azerbaijan’s entry into the Eurasian Union.

Russia intends to prevent the arrival of the United States in the region, so Lavrov will propose to start negotiations on the status of Armenians in Karabakh. Turkey’s activity in the region worries Russia. The political scientist believes that Azerbaijan should not participate in Russian projects, since this is not in the interests of Azerbaijan.

The site “” writes about the situation with Turkish trucks, from which customs duties are levied on the border of Azerbaijan. The author claims that this information is false and untrue. The State Customs Committee, in turn, explains that customs payments are regulated by national and international legislation. In addition, in the bilateral agreements between Turkey and Azerbaijan, the exemption from the road tax is not provided. website “discusses the activities of mosques with MP Fazil Mustafa. “Mosques are perceived not only as places of worship, performing religious rituals, but also as places where people learn something.

According to the deputy, Akhunds often turn the mosque into their office, which is unacceptable. The mosque should be seen as a cultural monument, but also as a definite place of enlightenment.

The website writes about the Central Bank’s bans on the sale of dollars. Expert Natik Jafarli considers it senseless and illogical. Since the beginning of 2020, in Azerbaijan, the sale of foreign currency has been carried out on the identity card of each citizen in the equivalent of 20 thousand manats (11 thousand 750 dollars).

The expert says that the sale of foreign currency to citizens who have exceeded the limit, the currency is not sold during the year. However, even after the specified period, citizens are denied the sale of currency, referring to the fact that the limit has not yet been set.

Such stupid decisions are made because of an abnormal, unparalleled system and lead to the creation of a black market.

Source: Turan News Agency