Media review for May 31

Armenia’s concern at the growing authority of Turkey in Caucasus, reasons for Azerbaijan’s non-alignment with military blocs, and the rise in prices for Baku summer houses are the topics of today’s media.

The website “Yenisabah” writes about Armenia’s concern at the growing authority of Turkey in Caucasus. Former Armenian President Robert Kocharian believes that Russia should stop Turkey. Also, he added that no country can replace Armenia with Russia. The same is true of goods from Armenia, since only Russia, and no other country, is waiting for them.

The website “Azpolitikainfo” discusses with MP Fazail Agamaly the steps that Azerbaijan should take. This is, first of all, the restoration of documents that took place during the ADR, since current Azerbaijan is its legal successor together with territories it owned in 1918-1920.

Azerbaijan should not join the CSTO but pursue a neutral policy, so it should join neither NATO nor the CSTO.

Website “Bizimyolinfo.az ” discussing costs for summer holidays. So a cost for renting a summer cottage on the beach starts from 1000 manat. As the expert on property issues Elnur Farzaliyev notes, this year’ situation has greatly affected material conditions of people, so, he believes, costs for summer cottages will fall by 25-30%. This year, trips to the districts are allowed, so people will go there.

Source: Turan News Agency