Media Review for September 14

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the country, noting, nevertheless, that life is gradually returning to normal. For 9 months, coronavirus is the main problem in the world, the total number of infected people was 28 million, 900 thousand died. Additional places for patients with the virus for 4100 beds have been prepared in Azerbaijan. The author emphasizes that training in the country will take place both in full-time and on-line form, communication with regions of the country has opened.


The website discusses with experts the shortcomings in the activities of BTA. In connection with the closure of the metro, BTA was supposed to provide citizens with uninterrupted public transport. However, there is a crush on buses, social distancing is not respected, complaints from citizens are not taken into account. Experts believe the pandemic has exposed shortcomings in public transport. This is a shortage of buses, and non-observance of intervals by drivers, and lack of street lighting, road signs, and so on.



The website discusses the issue of violation by Iraq of the document signed in April this year in the format of OPEC and OPEC + on the oil quota. According to the author, Iraq is one of the countries most to blame for the fall in oil prices; this Asian country cannot come to terms with the reduction in production. Iraq is preparing to violate the agreement and the Ministry of Oil of this country has already brought the issue up for discussion. However, a specific position has not yet been presented to OPEC. Iraq is currently in the forefront of violators of the OPEC + agreement. In May and July of this year, Iraq exceeded the quota by 851 thousand barrels.


The website writes that the world is facing a food crisis. The coronavirus pandemic, rains, drought, a virus that infects livestock, a weakening dollar – all this increases the threat of a crisis. The author, referring to international sources, notes that there is no deficit in the world at all, only food prices are growing. According to the UN, in August 2020, food prices rose to their highest level compared to February. According to the Chinese Statistical Bureau, prices have increased by more than 11% compared to August last year. -0-


Source: Turan News Agency

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