admin April 26, 2021

Head of press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MFA) Leyla Abdullayeva has commented on the scene of “execution” of a mannequin wrapped in Azerbaijani flag in the rally organized by radical Armenian forces in Los Angeles, APA reports.

According to L. Abdullayeva, it is an issue, which is serious enough.

“As you know, it is not for the first time we face such acts of the radical Armenian groups based on hatred, even containing a crime. I would like to remind that hundreds of Armenian radical Dashnaks brutally attacked the Azerbaijani minority in front of the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles in July of the last year and injured them. Los Angels police department had launched an investigation over a criminal case committed on the basis of hatred, regarding violence committed against Azerbaijanis. Although two people who attended this violence were detained, the search of the other two persons who showed special activity in this process is underway. Although nearly 10 months passed from the incident. it is deeply regrettable and surprising that the main suspects in the hate crime have not been found and brought to justice. Our official dissatisfaction in this regard has been expressed to the other side. As it is seen, namely due to impunity, we see the next manifestation of hate crimes of radical Armenians in Los Angels. Our serious concern in this regard will be once again conveyed to the US embassy to our country,” stressed the official of MFA.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency