February 8, 2021

“Earthquakes that occurred in Azerbaijan are not terrible. These processes are going on every day all over the world,” said the director of Republican Seismological Service Center Gurban Yetirmishli, APA reports.


He noted that depending on the activity of the zones, 16-20, 30-40 small tremors occur in Azerbaijan during the day: “There are earthquakes both are felt and not felt. Feeling an earthquake depends on its depth. More than 20 tremors have occurred today. These are weak tremors. They have been recorded by devices.”


“These earthquakes occurred in Azerbaijan are within the blocks, the blocks are broken, as a result of their movement, this event occurs. As a result of compression or expansion of one block from another, it reaches the critical level and there is fragmentation over the large fractures in layers. The energy divides during the string decay and shaking manifest itself on earth as a form of wave”.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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