MP: Armenians insulted all Indian people by burning statue of Mahatma Gandhi

Armenian vandalism knows no borders. This process is aimed at the destruction of ancient historical monuments and cultural samples of the peoples, and such a barbaric attitude of Armenia to rare monuments of special importance is a threat to world heritage. Unfortunately, Armenian vandalism is not only aimed at destroying the ancient historical monuments and cultural samples of our people. Just as Armenian vandals destroyed monuments dedicated to World War II (1941-1945) in the former Soviet Union, they also set fire to a statue of India’s national and religious leader, Mahatma Gandhi.

The statement came from MP Anar Mammadov, AZERTAC reported.

Stressing that the burning of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the political and religious leader of the Indian Liberation Movement, who never supported Armenian lies, once again proved that the Armenian youth was brought up in the spirit of fascism. also recalls events. Because they are brought up on the basis of Njden’s ideas. Apparently, friendship with the Indian people has no meaning for the Armenian society, which is so depraved as to erect a monument to the fascist Njde. For today’s Armenia, it is forgotten that many Armenians who took refuge in India for hundreds of years built rich houses and villas there, owned millions and lived a prosperous life.

According to the MP, this incident, which is a new manifestation of Armenian vandalism, is an indication that Armenians have a sick imagination. Not only our compatriots, but also our historical and cultural monuments and sacred sites, which are thousands of years old, have been damaged by the Armenian aggression against the Azerbaijani people for nearly thirty years. Monuments containing national affiliation and ancient history, national and religious traditions have been completely destroyed. Attempts have even been made to Armenianize, privatize and replace some religious monuments. Monuments in the occupied territories, as well as other cultural facilities were destroyed, their status was changed and insulted under the guise of repair.

“In general, these acts, which are considered a crime against humanity in international conventions, should be considered as an aggression against the entire world culture. Attempts to deliberately destroy the history of Karabakh, the looted cultural monuments of the region are enough to reveal the inner face of the Armenians. “It is impossible to accurately calculate the damage caused by the Armenian aggressors to the national cultural centers of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region and surrounding areas, because the looted and destroyed treasures are unique cultural samples not only of our country but also of the world civilization,” Mammadov said.

He stressed that the Armenians disrespected the Indian people, its leader and history by burning the statue of Gandhi in Yerevan, a friend of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the so-called anti-genocide of Azerbaijanis.


Source:  Azerbaijan State News Agency