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Military serving in Karabakh complain about the halving of their two-fold salary. Back in January, when these complaints were just being received, the Ministry of Finance issued a statement explaining that after the end of the war with Armenia, the length and geography of the contact line of the troops had changed. There was a need to clarify, together with the Ministry of Defense and the Border Service, the circle of the military, who will be provided with a double salary.


Military journalist Sahavat Mammad noted that the military was paid a one-time salary and the chiefs of financial services said that now it will always be so. Moreover, the 13th and 14th salaries due to the military were given half.


According to the journalist, the reduction in wages creates problems for the military, since they had previously planned expenses based on allowances. Some of them have mortgages and other loans.


Kamal Jafarov, a member of the parliamentary committee on defense, security and anti-corruption, told Turan that in accordance with article 10.2 of the law “On the status of military personnel,” the military who participated in the hostilities were paid twice the salary for that period.


Further, the coefficients to the salaries of employees in the liberated territories will be calculated depending on climatic conditions, relief and other issues. In the near future, the issue of military allowances will be resolved in the form of a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers.


Elman Mammadov, another member of the parliamentary committee, told Turan that the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance have already made explanations regarding the salaries of military personnel serving in the Karabakh region. He believes that the salaries of the military should not change, but rather increase.


Security expert Ilham Ismail believes that the termination of the payment of allowances to the military is connected with economic difficulties. This was the reason for the increase in prices for water and gasoline. “However, military affairs are such an issue that salary cuts are unacceptable here, since servicemen ensured victory at the cost of their lives. Almost 3 thousand people became martyrs, many were wounded,” Ismail said.


The salaries of the military, even in peacetime in the highlands, should be higher than salaries of those serving on the plains. “Here the moral side of the issue is more important than the material, because the Karabakh conflict has not yet been settled,” Ismail said.


Source: Turan News Agency

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