admin April 3, 2016

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is not the conflict that should be frozen forever, it should be solved by dialogue and talking, Secretary General of the Club de Madrid Carlos Westendorp told Trend March 10.

He went on to add that nowadays good-neighborly relations among the countries are very important. “It is good for you and your neighbor, neighbor also should recognize that you cannot grab a territory by force, and there are always ways to explain by talking,” he said.

Westendorp also emphasized the importance of holding the Fourth Global Baku Forum.

“The forum is very important especially because of the problems of the whole region,” he said. “The impact of this forum always depends on quality of the people who are here, here they have achieved a gathering of more than fifty former government leaders,” Westendorp said, adding that the forum is important on a global level.

He went on to add that regionally, the forum is much more important because this region is specific and Azerbaijan is in the middle of this region. Nizami Ganjavi center is doing a great job, according to him.

The Fourth Global Baku Forum titled “Towards a Multipolar World” is being held in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, March 10.

The Forum has been organized by the Nizami Ganjavi International Center in partnership with the Interaction Council, the Club of Madrid, Library of Alexandria, the Club of Rome and World Academy of Science and Culture.

Over 300 delegates from 53 countries attend the forum.

The two-day forum will focus on topical issues such as the role of interreligious dialogue in conflict prevention, migration, multiculturalism, integration and global security. The forum’s agenda also includes prospects for energy and global management issues.

Source: trend