Nar launches ‘Summer talks’ campaign

During the summer Nar customers may join “Summer talks” campaign and talk to each other without thinking of balance. Now customers may choose 2 Nar numbers and talk with them unlimited whole summer.

“Summer talks” – is a special campaign for Nar customers, which lets them talk to 2 Nar numbers for free and unlimited. All Nar subscribers living in Azerbaijan Republic and the subscribers of the following tariff plans can join the campaign: Unique, Per second, 3 in 1, 3 for you, Yerlim, My country, 0, Super 0, Boomerang.

The monthly usage fee of the campaign is 2.5 AZN. The activation fee of the Favorite number is 0.40 AZN. Adding another “Favorite number” is free of charge. The charging for voice/video calls (per minute) within the group and among the subscribers of other operators will be carried out in accordance with current tariff plan.

For further information, please, visit website.

Source: Trend