No issue on concessions discussed with Lavrov: Edward Nalbandian

The large-scale military actions unleashed by Azerbaijani forces have caused a great harm to the negotiation process, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian told reporters today.

He said “The Co-Chairs along with the international community should make efforts to overcome that damage.”

The Minister added, however, that “it’s difficult to overcome the harm, because there are losses, and it’s irrecoverable.” “Today the international community is busy with bringing Azerbaijan to a constructive field to be able to continue the negotiations, as there is no alternative to talks,” he added.

Edward Nalbandian said Russian Foreign Minister had not brought any new document. “Lavrov declared at a press conference that today the efforts should focus on implementation of mechanisms for investigation of border incidents and confidence-building measures in order to be able ensure stability and security in the region, create more favorable conditions for the continuation of talks,” Nalbandian stated.

The Armenian Foreign Minister said no issue on concessions was discussed during Lavrov’s visit.

“There are proposals by the Co-Chairs incorporated in the five famous statements made on the level of the Presidents of Russia, France and the United States. Armenia has declared on many occasions that Armenia is ready to continue negotiating on that basis, while Azerbaijan continues to reject them. This is the reality and the reason why the international community should try to have Azerbaijan return to a constructive field,” Minister Nalbandian said.

As for the basis of the final solution, Minister Nalbandian said the talks continue on the basis the President and the Foreign Minister have always spoken about.

“Had the proposals been favorable to Azerbaijan, it would not have driven itself in an impasse and would not undertake new military actions,” Minister Nalbandian said.

“Azerbaijan failed in the talks and tries to solve the issue in a military way, but failed here, as well. Baku will have to return to the negotiating table, because there is no alternative to talks.”

Source: Arm Radio