Web Desk March 29, 2021

The State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture has begun using an electronic system for considering citizens’ appeals on the notification procedure for the construction of individual houses. So far, this electronic service is available only for residents of the city of Baku.


“Thanks to the new function of the“ One Window ”electronic appeal system, those who want to build individual houses in Baku can now apply through this electronic portal. The new module allows citizens to send their applications electronically to the relevant authorities by entering only the FIN-code of the ID-card. In this case, it is necessary to upload the documents required for the construction of an individual house,” the State Committee for State Administration told Turan.


The appeal is considered within 10 days, and if the relevant local executive authority does not submit a comment, a corresponding notification is sent to the personal account of the citizen. To ensure the validity of the notification, it will contain “QR codes” with the corresponding date and number. With the help of this “QR code”, both the citizen and the supervisory authority can familiarize themselves with information about the project in the search engine of the electronic portal “One Window” and view the documents presented in the application. The State Committee reports that upon completion of construction, a citizen can send relevant information to the local executive authority through the specified system.


In accordance with the City Planning and Construction Code, a notification procedure is applied in Azerbaijan for the construction of individual houses of no more than 3 floors, 12 meters high and 6 meters long transitions, and only the architectural planning section of the construction project is required.


It is noteworthy that in accordance with the legislation, messages registered in the electronic portal “One Window” on the notification procedure for the construction of individual houses must be made public via the SCAC website. However, the information in this register is updated with a month’s delay.


Source: Turan News Agency

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