admin May 1, 2021

More than 878,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus infection were registered worldwide in the past day, with the overall number of such cases exceeding 150.11 million, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in its daily bulletin on Friday, APA reports.

As of 15:41 Moscow time on April 30, as many as 150,110,310 novel coronavirus cases and 3,158,792 coronavirus-associated deaths were registered across the globe. The number of confirmed cases grew by 878,386 in the past 24 hours and the number of fatalities increased by 14,572.

The WHO statistics is based on officially confirmed data from the countries.

Southeast Asia accounts for more than 45% of the COVID-19 daily tally (402,972 cases). Next are North and South America (223,217) and Europe (180,677).

The biggest number of coronavirus cases was reported from the United States (31,889,171), India (18,762,976), Brazil (14,521,289), France (5,505,700), Russia (4,805,288), Turkey (4,788,700), the United Kingdom (4,414,246), Italy (4,009,208), Spain (3,514,942), Germany (3,381,597), Argentina (2,928,890), and Colombia (2,824,626).

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency