admin April 20, 2021

““The Armenian genocide” has nothing to do with the historical realities. The “Armenian genocide” claim was made in the early 1960s between the USSR and NATO on the subject of struggle against Turkey” said the Russian political analyst Oleg Kuznetsov during his performance on the topic “Events of 1915 and the Armenian issue at the historical stage”, APA’s local bureau reports.

O. Kuznetsov noted that the element of religion was used very actively in the First World war said that Armenians living in Tsarist Russia were used against the Ottoman Empire.

“Unfortunately, human imagination can not look at the issues happening in the past with the eye of realities. The massacres committed by the English in South Africa in that period are not mentioned. Although there are such historical facts, for some reason, the events that took place during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire are mostly exaggerated” O. Kuznetsov noted.

Russian political analyst has also touched the importance of the joint scientific research by the Turkish and Russian scientists in this issue.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency