Oleg Kuznetsov's book titled 'The history of transnational Armenian terrorism in the twentieth century' presented (Azeri-Press News Agency)

The presentation of Oleg Kuznetsov’s book titled The history of transnational Armenian terrorism in the twentieth century was held at Azerbaijan’s Center for Strategic Studies.

Director of the Center Farhad Mammadov said such projects are implemented in several countries against the Armenian propaganda, adding that the book will be translated into Turkish and English by the end of this year or early next year.

Author of the book Oleg Kuznetsov said that he studied the crimes committed by Armenians from the legal point of view in his book.

First Vice-speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Ziyafet Asgarov recalled the plan of establishing a Great Armenia from the Sea to the Sea, noting that a national-religious conflict is out of question while speaking about the Karabakh conflict, the main purpose of Armenians was territorial occupation.

The USSR played a major role in this issue. Today, Russia is the legal successor of the USSR. Russia bears responsibility for this issue. If Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was resolved in time, today’s conflicts wouldn’t have occurred,” he stressed.

First Deputy Prosecutor General Rustam Usubov said that as one of the countries affected by international terrorism, Azerbaijan joined the international coalition against terrorism and contributed its activities. He noted that the Azerbaijanis had repeatedly undergone the Armenian terrorism.