Web Desk March 17, 2021

The chairmen and activists of the parties operating in Azerbaijan get acquainted with the liberated Aghdam. The trip began early in the morning of March 17.


The delegation is headed by Adalet Veliyev, the head of the department for relations with political parties and the legislative branch of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The chairman of the Umid party, Igbal Aghazadeh, told Turan by telephone, he, together with other politicians, are currently observing the consequences of the atrocities committed by the Armenians in the Uzundere region of Aghdam. “Nothing was left, everything was razed to the ground,” added Aghazade.


“The Musavat party does not participate in the dialogue between 50 parties and the government created by the Azerbaijani government; we are aloof from the political process organized in this format. This is our own decision. A visit to Aghdam is an integral part of this political game, so we are not participating in it. We refused the offer to go to Aghdam together with other politicians. The Musavatists themselves have the right to visit any region of the Azerbaijani land,” head of the Musavat party Arif Hajili told Turan.


According to the deputy chairman of the Popular Front Party, Seymour Hazi, the Popular Front Party did not receive an invitation to visit Aghdam.


  1. Khazi believes that foreign politicians and journalists should go to the territory liberated from occupation. Local residents already know about what is happening there.


“This event of the Presidential Administration is aimed at the domestic political audience. As the PFPA, we did not receive an invitation, and therefore there is no point in discussing our participation in the visit,” Khazi said.


Source: Turan News Agency

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