Tue. May 17th, 2022

From a first sight, the oriental fire-bellied toad seems fairly nondescript – a green toad with black spots blending nicely with the verdant colors of its habitat.

It is not until it perceives a threat that this flashy amphibian reveals its true colors.

When threatened, they rise up on their front legs and arch their back, sometimes even flipping themselves over completely, to reveal the bright red-and-black coloration of their underside.

This behavior considered as a warning sign for predators.

One of the most common amphibians in its primary range, oriental fire-bellied toads thrive in northeastern China, Korea, southern Japan, and southern parts of Russia.

According to the National Geographic, the toads are highly aquatic and usually found in slow-moving streams and ponds. When out of water, they stick to the region’s coniferous and broadleaved forests.

The adult species feed on a variety of invertebrates, including worms, insects, and mollusks.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

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