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The Center of Contemporary Art in Baku has opened an art exhibition of works by young artists, students of Baku Art Corner studio, Trend Life reports.The exhibition titled “Spring inspiration” included approximately 110 paintings of 45 young artists.Th…

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Baku is preparing to host an important sports competition- the 42nd World Chess Olympiad.

The tournament scheduled for September 1-14 at the Crystal Hall will host about 2,000 chess masters from 175 countries, while the number of guests is expected to reach up to 3,000.

The budget for the Olympiad is 13.3 million euros. Some 6.8 million euros are set aside for the first-class accommodation for the players and delegates. Another 1 million euros will go to the FIDE Commission for World Championships & Olympiads and intellectual rights.

Mahir Mammadov, the director of the operations committee for the World Cup and the Chess Olympiad, told Trend about Baku’s level of preparation for the World Chess Olympiad.

“Preparations for 42nd World Chess Olympiad are currently underway. We operate in accordance with the plan, which is entering its final stage. In future, FIDE delegation plans to pay inspection trips to Baku, in order to keep in touch with the latest events. All departments of the Operating Committee have been already established. Crystal Hall has been already allocated the press room, VIP-sector etc. The scenario of opening and closing ceremonies are at the stage of development,” said Mammadov.

Speaking about the event, Mammadov also spoke about the last visit of FIDE delegation.

“Together with the FIDE delegation, led by the acting president Georgios Makropoulos we discussed a broad range of significant aspects, visited the Crystal Hall, the venue of the Olympiad. Also, we signed a memorandum of cooperation with hotels, where sports teams will stay. We also presented the report on the work that was done. During the meeting, we discussed visa issues, the details of the opening and closing ceremonies, the meeting of chess players and referees as well as their hotel accommodation. These are probably only a few of the questions that were discussed,” he said.

The director of the operations committee said that the venue of the opening ceremony has yet to be decided.

“In this regard, we announced the tender and the winner is already known. We proposed two arenas, but the final decision about the venue of the opening ceremony has not yet been made. But I can say that both the opening and closing ceremonies will be prepared by local specialists. We want to show guests Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage. In the near future, the venue of the opening ceremony will be announced,” he added.

Concerning the visa issue, Mammadov said that Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Youth and Sport provides a great support in this matter.

“From the first days Ministry of Youth and Sport helps us in this matter. We use the experience of department that have already discussed this topic. In my opinion, no problems will arise and guests will be able to get a visa,” said the director of the operations committee.

He also stressed that the security work is currently underway.

“We are negotiating with the relevant authorities. Reasonable efforts are now being done to provide a high level of security. Last year Baku held the World Cup. Of course, the World Chess Olympiad includes much more athletes and sports teams. Therefore, security measures will be increased,” he said.

In the end, Mammadov spoke about the preparations of Azerbaijan’s national team.

“This issue is high on the agenda of the Azerbaijan Chess Federation (ACF). As the host country, were given the right to put three men’s and women’s teams.Team captains have already clarified the training plan and the team will hold a training camp. Soon, the trains will be made public,” said Mammadov.

Source: Azer News

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