admin June 5, 2016

The participants of the fourth Congress of the World Azerbaijanis held in Baku June 4 made an appeal to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the EU and the international community in connection with the activity of the Metsamor nuclear power plant in Armenia.
According to the appeal, the Metsamor nuclear power plant poses a major threat to the region and the world.
According to the appeal, it has been proved that the Metsamor plant’s waste is dumped into the rivers flowing through the territory of Azerbaijan.
Another factor of concern is Armenian officials’ statement about the country’s nuclear weapons called “dirty bomb”.
“While appealing to all international organizations, especially the IAEA and the EU, we call for taking urgent actions to suspend the activity of the Metsamor nuclear power plant operating in Armenia to ensure security in the world,” the appeal said. “We hope that the international community will not spare its efforts to prevent a disaster that can occur in the region.”

Source: Trend