Pashinyan: “It is impossible to refuse a trilateral statement on Karabakh”

“Regardless of who comes to power in Armenia, it is impossible to refuse a trilateral statement on Karabakh at the moment.”

APA reports quoting that the statement came from Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at a meeting with residents of Ujan village of Ashtarak province.

Pashinyan said that today they continue to accuse him of treason for signing a tripartite statement on Karabakh: “But the question is whether other governments would refuse this agreement? I answer in the negative, because it will lead to tragedy. We are also accused of not solving a number of problems that have existed in the Armed Forces for 25 years after coming to power in 2018. This accusation is true. But the question is, should there have been problems with food and shells in 2018? ”

The Armenian Prime Minister reiterated that after coming to power in 2018, he tried to achieve a change in the negotiation process: “Because the negotiations were aimed at the gradual return of lands to Azerbaijan. When the war broke out in Karabakh, the army fought as long as possible.

Pashinyan noted that instead of the corridor to be opened from Mehri, Armenia will have the opportunity to establish contacts with Russia from Nakhchivan via Iran and Azerbaijan. He stressed that the people should decide who will come to power.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency