February 21, 2021

The Azerbaijani Food Safety Agency (AFSA) calls on citizens to be careful about bird flu.


According to the agency, bird flu is currently spreading in 45 countries, including Russia, Iran and some administrative units bordering Azerbaijan.


“As the outbreak occurred in 36 of these countries, the AQTA has taken relevant decisions to impose temporary restrictions on the import of live birds and poultry products in order to protect the territory of our country from infectious animal diseases that can pass through these countries.”


The agency notes that the causative agent of the disease is most often transmitted through wild birds, and the infection of domestic birds occurs as a result of contact with sick wild birds.


“The migration routes of migratory birds through the territory of our republic, as well as the presence of permanent and temporary habitats of these birds in the country increase the risk of the spread of bird flu.”


AGTA recommends keeping poultry indoors, not in contact with wild birds, and not allowing birds to be sold or displayed in the open.


“Citizens are advised to be vigilant about the epizootic situation, as well as to stay away from bird carcasses that are showing signs of disease or perishing, and to report any suspicious cases immediately,” the statement said.


According to the World Health Organization, five people died of the H5N1 bird flu virus in Azerbaijan in 2006 alone. The organization says four of the dead were from southeastern Azerbaijan.


Source: Turan News Agency

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