“Perpetuators of the crime in Ganja must face the full force of the Azerbaijani law”

The enemies of Azerbaijan are harboring feelings of hatred against the country’s independence and stability. Everyone is equal before the laws in Azerbaijan. Those who committed the crime in the city of Ganja must face the full force of the Azerbaijani law, People’s Artist Nuraddin Mehdikhanli has told AZERTAC as he commented on Ganja events.

“Ganja is an ancient city of Azerbaijan. Ganja and its youth have always stood by the Azerbaijani statehood and will continue doing so. This is a crime committed by a group of radicals. The Ganja events have demonstrated that we have such enemies whose intentions are to drag the country into chaos, and we must prevent them from doing so, Mehdikhanli said.

We can never tolerate religious fanaticism in Azerbaijan. Religious fanaticism must be taken seriously and such tendencies of radical religious forces will be severely stopped, he added.