Legal Rights

Physical entity managed to eliminate use of registered trademark

State Antimonopoly and Consumer Market Control Service under the Ministry of Economy prevented the illegal use of the registered trademark “OASIS” by a business entity that has no right to it. The fact was recorded on the application of the owner of this trademark in Azerbaijan.

Physical entity Zulfiya Nadir gyzy Hasanova appealed to the Antimonopoly Service on unfair competition revealed by physical entity Alizadeh Elvan oglu Kerimov in a restaurant at 24 Gulbala Aliyev street, Baku. Upon consideration of the case the agency ordered to prevent illegal use of the trademark “OASIS”.

Note that the trademark “OAZIS” was registered in December 2021 under reference number (210) 2021 03075 by Zulfiya Hasanova (INN: 1007336732). The registry of food business facilities has no information about the facilities owned by her. The same registry indicates that Alizadeh Kerimov (INN: 7001485842) has been using the “OAZIS” trademark since at least September 2020.

Formerly “OAZIS” restaurant was located in Binagadi district of Baku, next to the house-building factory #1. Later it was rebuilt and now operates as a supermarket.

Source: Turan News Agency